Cells at Work (Vol 1)

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I feel like I learned things

Hot damn this is a truly unique series. It’s one I hadn’t heard of until a friend had mentioned watching the anime on Netflix and highly recommended it. I knew the basic premise before picking up the manga but holy hell it is a trip.

The whole series takes place inside the human body and all the characters are cells or some type of virus/bacteria/etc that attempts to either infiltrate the body to fight off the invaders. This is weirdly violent and gory while also being the single most intellectual manga I’ve read.

Our main characters are a white blood cell who is tasked to fight invaders of the body and the new, naïve red blood cell who keeps finding herself in trouble and needing to be saved by the white blood cell. White blood cell is a badass beyond belief and red is just trying to keep it together.

It’s kinda awesome?! Slightly confusing and very faced paced but awesome. The art is fantastic and really adds to the gory inside the body feel for the series while the text really teaches the reader about biology. As someone who took one biology class in her entire life, I can’t lie and say I understood more than 10% of this, but it was fun so I accept it. There’s so much going on that I kinda forget a page once I start a new one, but I had a good time reading it and that’s what matters.

Title: Cells at Work (Vol 1)
Author: Akane Shimizu
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781632363565

Three Descriptors: Clever, Creative, Odd,

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