Neon Gods

Sexy but a bit boring

This is a great read if you’re looking for some good smut and a very disappointing read if you’re searching for mythological retellings. It’s a fun book with a cool world, but I felt like the author dropped the ball a little when it came to world-building.

I, unlike everyone else it seems, have never read a Katee Robert book despite loving a good smutty romance. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about her books and since this one has been making waves all over social media, I figured I would start here.
It is obvious that Katee Robert is a good author. This was incredibly readable, and a fun little story and she clearly writes fantastic sexual content. Her sex scenes were the highlight of the book for me and very sexy, but the rest of the book was a little lacking. I really enjoyed her characters, not only Persephone and Hades but also the side characters like Persephone’s sisters and Hermes. She gave most of her character’s personality, and I loved all their little interactions.

My one real gripe with this novel is the addition of the mythological element. I love a good mythology retelling and everyone always goes straight to Hades and Persephone when they try and write a romance. If you came looking to read this for the Mythological aspects, I would go ahead and skip this. Honestly, you could have replaced the names of the characters from Greek figures to any other names and the book would have basically read the same. I wanted way more in terms of drama and mythology, so this didn’t really satisfy that thirst for me. Also, the world-building in this book feels all sort of off somehow. I thought the setup she had with the Thirteen and Zeus and the river separating the city was interesting but there wasn’t enough of it. I know this is an erotic novel, so the plot and world-building aren’t a focal point here but the entire reason why the characters were together was because of the world around them and the restrictions on it, yet the author seemed to make this world an afterthought.

The explanation of the characters is a little weird. I know we’re fulfilling the Hades/Persephone trope here that he is all dark and grumpy and she’s all sunshine and roses but the two didn’t really fit that dynamic. This could have been a choice the author made, which pulls it even further from the mythological aspect, but if she was doing that on purpose, I wish it would read a bit more purposeful? I’m not sure how to explain it but it feels like Persephone was described as wearing a mask in public and projecting that she’s sunshine and sweet, but we only get a scene or so of her in public and she doesn’t present like that barely at all. There was just a weird disconnect there. Same with Hades, he’s supposed to be dark and troubled, and he’s more emotionally devastated and caring than anything. It just felt weird. Not bad or unenjoyable, but odd.

This is a weird one. I’d give it a solid 3.5-4 stars depending on what you’re reading it for, but still a fun romp. It’s a bit too long but that’s my opinion on 90% of romance novels. I would be willing to try more Katee Robert because her sex scenes were very well done and I love that, but I hope the series improves on its overall world and character dynamics.

Title: Neon Gods
Author:  Katee Robert
Format: Paperback
Pages: 380
ISBN: 9781728231730

Three Descriptors: Explicit, Moody, Sexy

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The Rose by Tiffany Reisz
Enraptured by Elisabeth Naughton
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