I Hear the Sunspot



Gosh, this is such a beautiful manga. The art does a great job in reflecting the characters and it somehow feels incredibly soft and emotional as black line art.

I Hear the Sunspot begins with our hungry protagonist, Taichi, rolling down a hill and landing next to a guy he vaguely recognizes. The guy doesn’t speak but offers Taichi food and wanders off. The next day Taichi attempts to track the guy down and learn his name to return the food container he was given the day before. This is when he officially meets Kohei, who is often assumed to be standoffish and cold but is suffering from hearing loss and finds it easier to stay away from people. He eventually hires Kohei as his note-taker and the two become very close friends as Taichi helps Kohei come out of his shell. Taichi doesn’t understand why people would judge Kohei for something he can’t control, like hearing loss and having someone supportive like that allows Kohei to open up more and more.

This is a very moving, sweet story that really makes you emotionally connect as you read. I can’t wait to continue with the next few volumes. It’s quite beautiful and I love Taichi standing up for Kohei and refusing to let him put himself down because of something he has no control over. Also although this is considered a Boys Love romance manga, the romance aspect is basically non-existent. It’s more a coming into your own story and a story about people supporting one another when they need it. It’s pretty wonderful.

Title: I Hear the Sunspot
Author: Yuki Fumino
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781944937300

Three Descriptors: Moving, Sweet, Diverse

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Sasaki and Miyano by Shou Harusono
My Love Story by Harusono, Shou
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