Days on Fes (Vol 1)


Low-key but also nothing bad

I think this is a perfect manga for a young teenager who is looking to get into manga but isn’t interested in superheroes or the more violent elements, and not something overly romantic. This entire series is based around a young woman finding her love of music and music festivals. She travels to a festival for the first time with a friend on a whim, mostly to appease her friend and see a band she enjoys, and in the process discovers a love for music and festivals. This manifests in her and her BFF getting part-time jobs to supplement their new passion to go to more shows.

Along with this, Otoha, Kanade’s BFF, has an older brother in his twenties who owns a café in town and is also a big music fan. We end up reading a lot about his adventures with his friend and co-worker, Ritsuru. Ritsuru is a bit lost in the world, fresh into college, and not at all sure about what he wants to do with his life and where it will take him. All he knows is he loves music and feels the most at peace when he’s at a festival, though not drinking because he turns into a sad, teary drunk anytime he indulges.

I have a feeling this is going to lead to a light romance as Kanade and Ritsuru spend more time together and experience festivals together, which is fine. They don’t really have much to do together yet in the story so there’s no chemistry just yet, but I’m sure it will come. It’s hard to rate this volume because honestly there’s no plot and nothing happens, but also nothing bad or heavily problematic happens. It’s just low-key and sweet so hopefully, it will have potential.

Title:  Days on Fes Vol. 1
Author:  Kanato Oka
Format: Paperback
Pages:  208
ISBN:   9781975319618

Three Descriptors: Sweet, Understated, Slow

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