Blow Out


Super fun new series

Well, this was a surprise!

I was a judge for a state-based author contest and this title was available to me in the first round to read and review. While I am not usually a big mystery reader, this title sounded like fun, and I was pleasantly surprised.

LJ Carter returns to her hometown in Mississippi to deal with the sudden death of her mother, who may have died under mysterious circumstances. Her mother was a fantastic hairstylist and was possibly killed because of something a client told her, and thus her mother’s best friend and fellow book club members band together to help LJ get to the bottom of the mystery. Along the way she meets a handsome man in town, her bestie from back in New York and a few ghosts.

This book was ridiculous in the best kind of way. Sure, the pacing is a little weird and 80% of the book feels like set-up, but it’s all a very interesting and amusing set up. The setting feels very true to life and the characters, while quirky, speak like real people which is something I always love in an ensemble cast. I ended up plowing through this because it’s written in such an accessible and silly manner, so every page feels like it’s passed in lighting speed. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series and I will probably also seek out the other series by this author as I keep seeing people mentioning how great it is. Well done for an author I’ve never heard of until now!

Title: Blow Out
Author:  Terri Reid
Format: Paperback
Pages:  346
ISBN: 9798694168090

Three Descriptors: Witty, Snarky, Delightful

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