Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke



God I hated this book.

I wish I could write something about why I hated it, or the basic plot points but I genuinely want to forget I ever read it. I didn’t DNF it because someone I admire in the library world really enjoyed it so I thought perhaps there would be a twist or some sort of redeeming factor to this, but nope. It’s just trauma porn. Just putting lesbians through awful situations and as many triggers as a person can put on a page. Not at all the book for me.

Title: Things Have Gotten Worse
Author: Eric LaRocca
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9781951658120

Three Descriptors: Menacing, Creepy, Disturbing,

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  1. I hated it too! I read it quickly since it’s so short but I put it down afterwards and thought “well that was weird in a boring way, somehow”


    1. Rose says:

      That is such a perfect way to describe it!!!

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