Exactly what you’d imagine.

This was exactly, 100%, the book you think it is. Though not my favorite romance of the year, I must appreciate it for being exactly what it says on the tin. This is a contemporary romance between a couple in their mid-late 20s with a good number of sexual scenes and the typical rock star/normal woman with a hidden musical talent trope.

Killian is a big-time rock star who is slowly losing control. Libby is a down-to-earth loner who lives in a small town and likes it that way. She has musical talent but after losing her parents she’s really secluded herself away from everyone and lives as a practical hermit. After a night of terrible binge drinking, Killian passes out on Libby’s lawn and upon finding him the next morning, the two get off to a rocky start. Honestly, Killian is a huge asshole at the beginning of this book, to the point where I was honestly super turned off, but I know my romance tropes so I knew he would be redeemed one way or another pretty quickly. I will NEVER in my life understand why a single woman living alone would let a hungover stranger sleep in her house (this isn’t just this novel, it’s a trope and I HATE it because God, who does that?!?!) but whatever. Turns out Killian isn’t that much of a jerk and the two have some pretty good banter and chemistry.

Of course, he finds out she’s a musician and invites her on tour with his band, her talent is unreal, they bang and then have an up and down relationship mostly due to external factors putting pressure on them, such as the spotlight of fame, the rest of the band or others in the music industry. It’s a happy ending so you don’t need to worry there, and I did enjoy that Killian didn’t fall back on being a piece of shit whenever he and Libby were having problems. All in all, he turned out to be a more acceptable character than at the beginning, but I wasn’t super into the book overall. Its biggest issue for me is the length. I felt like there was a good amount of filler in this book where nothing was really happening and there were no real stakes, so it was hard for me to get super invested in the couple. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t amazing. Worth a read if you like famous/non-famous trope romance.

Title: Idol
Author: Kristen Callihan
Format: Paperback
Pages: 338
ISBN: 9781534622142


Three Descriptors: Sexy, Drama-filled, A Star is Born again

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