Love and Heart (Vol. 2 & 3)

Too many swerves

Yeah…this series is not for me. I feel like the author is purposefully putting in tons of red herrings and awful characters to make Haruma look better but a garbage human is still a garbage human, even if there’s a dumpster next to them that’s worse. Everyone in this is entirely unlikeable and following the story is very confusing to me. I know they’re supposed to be swerving the reader so you’re not sure who is creepy or good or evil at any given time, but it is just so never ending with twists that I am worn out by the time I end the volume.

Also what happened to this woman that she can’t remember anyone? Two dudes so far that she had situations with not that many years ago, yet has no memory of them at all? What is going on with this woman, someone get her some therapy good lord. Her mother is a piece of shit who pawns her off on her own and then on some guy she hasn’t seen for years, and Yoh just goes with it because she trusts her mother’s judgment in letting him into their lives. Massive yikes.

There’s just too much going on for me to properly get into this.

Title: Love and Heart Vol. 2 & 3
Author:  Chitose Kaido
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN:  9781975320447 // 9781975320461

Three Descriptors: Creepy, Odd, Off-putting

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