Kakuriyo (Vol 6.)

Let’s see who tries to kill Aoi this week!

If there’s one thing I think I would learn as a human stuck in another world in debt to a man she is being forced to marry, wandering off where anyone could kidnap or kill me would probably be at least in the top five things to not do.

The same cannot be said for Aoi, our main character and human with wonderful cooking skills. We begin this volume with her being kidnapped, again, because she is compelled to run off. She is thankfully saved by the Odanna, her betrothed, and gets home just in time to try and create a beautiful meal for the royal couple. They are incredibly influential, so it’s important for her to make a good impression, but considering she was just kidnapped, nearly drowned, and is still held captive, can she cook the whole meal in time?!

Aoi is not a normal human so of course she can. This volume is basically filler, just adding more lore to the ever-evolving mystery of just who wants Aoi out of the picture and who wants the Odanna taken down. There’s a continuing number of seeds being planted for her demise as Aoi impresses influential people around her, likely ending up with some sort of mass showdown between good and evil in a future volume. I love this series, so I am all about it. A good little funky fantasy series and a world I wish I could step into.

Title: Kakuriyo (Volume 6)
Author: Wako Ioka
Format: Paperback
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781974710423

Three Descriptors: Supernatural, Folklore based, Budding romance,

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