Wanting A Witch


Witch/Vampire Winter Romance!

This is a nice little supernatural tale if you’re in the mood for that this holiday season!

For me, the writing wasn’t to the level I would normally enjoy, but that’s a personal thing. The author chooses to write in a way that is wonderfully accessible, but she uses a lot of adverbs to start sentences. Normally that’s not a thing that would bother me, but it happens a lot, enough to be noticeable. The author also tends to write super short sentences which feel somehow out of place coupled with the sexually charged comments passed back and forth. Some sentences would have this evocative, romantic language partnered with short two or three-word sentences which made the pacing feel off the whole time. This is a novella more than anything so I can forgive quite a bit but the whole plot of this book moved far too quickly for me to feel connected with either of the characters. They go from basic strangers to sharing an apartment within fifteen pages and I am much more of a medium to slow-burn kinda gal, so that wasn’t for me, but again that entirely depends on personal preference. The plot is odd because there’s basically no tension at all aside from a random family situation that pops up out of nowhere to add a bit of drama, and it felt entirely out of place and something only included to give the book some aspect of stress.

I enjoyed this for the Winter Solstice/Supernatural/Fantasy aspect, which I thought was done well enough. The characters were interesting enough; they just didn’t have enough time to develop. If this book was a bit longer I think I would have enjoyed learning more about the characters motivations more rather than being explicitly told this is why they act like this and this is what they are thinking at all times.

Title:  Wanting a Witch
Author: Lauren Connolly
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 98
ISBN: 9781949794090 

Three Descriptors: Paranormal, Queer, Supernatural

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