Christmas in the Scottish Highlands


A gentle, warm holiday romance

This is a wholesome Christmas Romance for anyone a fan of the tamer Hallmark Christmas films.

Belle is a young teacher who tries her best to live up to her father’s legacy by being as charitable as possible. When heading home on her bicycle one day, she hits a woman standing in the street who happens to be a well-known older lady in town, Edina. Edina is fine, aside from a bum ankle, and after taking her home it is decided that she can’t be left on her own while injured. Thus, Belle helps two people at once, deciding to move into Edina’s home until she’s healthy and letting a family from her school who were evicted live in her home until they get back on their feet.

Belle and Edina begin a friendship and Belle learns that her family is spread apart, all doing their own thing. Her grandson has recently contacted her after decades of not speaking and she wants to reunite the family because of this. Jack comes to the house, mostly to make sure this strange woman living in the castle isn’t trying to steal from his grandmother, only to slowly learn that Belle is a genuinely good person trying to look out for those around her. Of course, a romance between Belle and Jack is inevitable even though they come from entirely different worlds.

This is very much a small-town romance between people who are just trying to find their happiness. It has a lot of wholesomeness throughout and will be a good recommendation for anyone who wants something gentle and light this holiday season. There are side plots happening aside from the romance of Belle and Jack, including romances between other characters. Edina is a gem of a character, a quirky older woman who is finally getting a chance to live the way she never could when her husband was alive, despite loving him. All in all, a nice, warm read.

Title: Christmas in the Scottish Highlands
Author: Donna Ashcroft
Format: Paperback
Pages: 296
ISBN: 9781800193512

Three Descriptors: Uplifting, Warm, Enemies to Lovers

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