Given (Vol. 6)


God the FEELS

What an awesome series. The thing I love about this series is how it plays with emotion, both between people in a romantic light and between friends. It also speaks a lot about expectations and what people assume about one another, and how to communicate well in a relationship. Most of the issues in this series stem from people not knowing how to properly communicate their feelings to one another and assuming the other feels or doesn’t feel the way they do, so they end up feeling tension for no reason. Haruki and Akihiko have finally gotten over the bump in their relationship and are able to openly admit to being together, whereas Uenoyama, who is devoted to Mafuyu and music in equal measure, is continually measuring himself against the memory of a dead man.

This is a weird series in that you’d think it’s going to be incredibly cute boys love with a music theme and then it hits you with the hardcore feels. I really enjoy it and see where these characters go from here. There’s an almost melancholic feel to every volume, despite happy things happening. Also, Hiiragi and Shizu are newer characters to the series but hot damn the FEELS!

Title: Given Vol. 5
Author: Natsuki Kizu
Format: Paperback
Pages: 162
ISBN:  9781974723676

Three Descriptors: Honest, Emotional, Hopeful,

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