I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness


Oh my heart

This is a continuation of sorts of the first in this series, I Hear the Sunspot, but I think you could probably piece things together if you pick this volume up first. It picks up mainly from where the last left off, reintroducing us to the characters and their struggles in life. Kohei has issues hearing, which doesn’t miraculously go away in this volume, so a lot of the plot centers around his hearing impairment. We’re introduced to a new character who also has hearing loss and she drives a wedge between Kohei and his friend and love interest, Taichi.

I really loved seeing Taichi grow as a character in this volume as he is able to piece together what is going on with Kohei and his new friend and call her out for her behavior in an understandable way. He’s still the super chaotic, excitable, and headstrong character we loved in the first volume, but now he’s becoming more self-aware and confident and his relationship with Kohei is sometimes a clear influence.

This series is really beautiful and often more emotional than you would expect. The one downside I found with this volume is that it introduces and has a lot more side character involvement, which I normally like but because these characters have barely been front and center so far, I was struggling to keep everyone straight. Overall just a small thing, but one that I absolutely noticed.

Title: I Hear the Sunspot
Author: Yuki Fumino
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
ISBN: 9781944937416

Three Descriptors: Moving, Sweet, Diverse

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