Moriarty: The Patriot (Vols. 2&3)



Holy shit I love this series!

If you haven’t read volume 1 of this series, I would go pick it up and check it out now, because nothing that follows will make any sense to you unless you’ve read Volume 1. The first volume does a great job at setting up Moriarty’s motivations and inspirations for his life, and everything that happens in that volume influences how he acts from here on out.

In volumes 2 & 3, we are finally introduced to Sherlock Holmes, but not in the way one would assume. Sherlock is more a side character in this, turning up on a boat trip that Moriarty himself is on. The two meet and size one another up, both confident that they are the smartest person in the room. Moriarty is there to take down a well-known member of the nobility and Sherlock happens to be there to help ‘solve the crime.’

In volume 3, we see more of Sherlock as he is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. This volume goes more into the Doyle canon and does a more modern and depressing version of The Hound of the Baskervilles. This volume is going to be very triggering to anyone who has experienced childhood abuse as the villain of this volume is kidnapping, torturing, and murdering children. Be aware before you start reading.

This series is super interesting and fun. The personification of Sherlock is different from what I’ve seen in other series, so I like that they attempted to change it up a bit. The art is great, I don’t know how to describe it but the artist makes everyone look like they’re in motion when they should be, and I find it really helps the story as a whole. Everything feels appropriately dramatic.

I totally recommend this for Sherlock Holmes fans and fans of manga who aren’t into romantic love stories.

Title: Moriarty: The Patriot (Volume 2)
Author: Ryōsuke Takeuchi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208 // 216
ISBN:  9781974719358 // 9781974719365
Three Descriptors: Re-imagining, Creative, Dark

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