My Love Mix-Up (Vol. 2)


This is so adorable!

This volume is chaos incarnate and I love it.

We’re back dealing with the biggest love quadrangle in the history of literature. If you dislike miscommunication in your stories, this is absolutely not the series you would enjoy. The general premise is great; Hashimoto, the girl that our main character, Aoki, has a crush on, has an eraser with another boys’ name on it. Aoki starts to scope out this other guy to figure out why Hashimoto likes this guy and not him, and in the meantime develops a crush on the eraser guy, aka Ida. A bunch of miscommunications later and turns out Hashimoto has a crush on Aoki’s BFF, Aida! Aoki doesn’t know how to process this, as he is purposefully getting over his feelings for Hashimoto so she can be happy, but is now confused over his feelings regarding Ida, another boy.

In this volume, Aoki is struggling in some classes and the gang, Hashimoto, Aida, and Ida, come together to help him study at Ida’s place. The two keep thinking about one another and Aoki’s crush, but neither knows how to deal with it. It’s a whole slew of conversations where someone is missing vital information and thus everyone is on an odd footing with one another. Ida is open to becoming friends with Aoki, even if he isn’t sure about how a male relationship works or even if he has any feelings for Aoki. Nevertheless, he is open to being friends and is consistently kind and standing up for Aoki, which of course, helps develop both of their crushes.

This volume was so fast-paced! I felt like 10 plot points happened in just about 200 pages and I was a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way. It was a fun read and the fast pace really helped convey the chaos going on in Aoki’s mind all the time. He’s struggling with a bunch of things, and even though Ida isn’t sure how to handle things, he is happy to help him study and be a good, mature friend. It’s honestly fun to read this series for the friendships alone, as the budding BFFs Hashimoto and Aoki are adorable, and Hashimoto and Aida have some great supporting character moments. A fun, silly read!

Title: My Love Mix-Up (Vol 2)
Author: Wataru Hinekure, Aruko (Illustrator)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9781974725281

Three Descriptors: Offbeat, Trope-Heavy, Fun!

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