Star Crossed (Vol 1 & 2)


Well this is amusing!

This manga is the most manga manga to ever manga. It has every trope you associate with manga and I love it.

Generally, Star Crossed follows Azusa, a superfan of a boyband who has dedicated her entire teenage life to them. This series has a lot of amusing correlation to real world fangirls (of which I am one) and it is spot on. The series begins with Azusa going out of her way to get in line at 4am for specialty merch for the band, only to get in line for the concert at 8am when doors aren’t til noon. As a massive BTS fan, I absolutely can relate to this. She is notably more obsessed than me, while I do have posters of them in my room I don’t use their faces as wallpaper, but I can completely see where she’s coming from.

Azusa goes to the concert and has a front row seat. While this is exciting, it proves to be a problem when a piece of the set begins to fall, heading straight for Chika, the lead singer and object of Azusa’s desires. She, without thinking, jumps into action with the intention of saving him but instead gets them both killed.

That’s when this series goes bonkers and our main characters find themselves meeting for the first time in heaven, talking to God. God basically goes “shit, my bad y’all” and sends them back to Earth but WOULDN’T YOU KNOW, they’ve accidentally switched bodies!

Thus begins a series of adventures where Azusa and Chika have to get to know one another, cover for each other’s mistakes and see if they can make it through. They each tell one person the truth, Chika’s manager and Azusa’s BFF (who has a crush on her and confesses, but when Chika is in her body!) so the four of them have to figure out a way to keep them together as much as possible. No one can figure out why they keep switching back and forth from their own bodies to the other, so they’re trying to stay close together to see what triggers it.

This is so over the top and dramatic, I love it. It’s so silly but the art is fun, the characters are really lively and amusing and the second volume ends on a heck of a cliffhanger!

Title: Star Crossed (Vol 1 & 2)
Author: Junko
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 166
ISBN: 9781646511877 // 9781646511891

Three Descriptors: Silly, Fantastical, Over the top

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