Cheri My Destiny


Cute and Horny.

Kaoru, a pastry chef who was trained in France, owns a popular Western-themed patisserie that is a popular shop. His store is often filled with young women as Kaoru is very handsome and flirty and uses his looks to keep customers coming. Kaoru notices that many of the women coming in also have a bag from another newer shop in the area, a Japanese-style bakery owned by the very handsome Sojiro. Kaoru is stressed that people may enjoy Sojiro’s Japanese treats more than his Western-themed ones and decides they are in a one-sided rivalry. He makes new and different treats and presents them to Sojiro to try and prove his baking is better, but Sojiro is incredibly kind about his cooking and accepts the food with an open mind.

From there, the manga delves into becoming a slice-of-life romance in that literally nothing happens but Kaoru and Sojiro having sex. The pacing is a bit weird as all the lead-up happens in the first third of the book and everything after that is just sexy and cute filler. I wish the getting together portion of the manga was more drawn own, so we had something to sink our teeth into as a reader. There is no slow burn or quiet build, it only takes them a handful of pages to realize they want to date.

Other than the pacing this is a sexy and sweet boys’ love manga. One character is gay and the other bi and they do seem to be very in love by the end. It’s a sweet, very fast read but do be aware there are several scenes of sexual content. If you’re not into that in your manga, best to avoid this one.

Title: Cheri, My Destiny
Author: Okoge Mochino
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781427868077

Three Descriptors: Sexy, Banter-filled, Insta-love

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