Lovesick Ellie (Vol 1)


Cute but overly stereotyped

If you like a silly comedic romance, this is a solid choice!

Eriko Ichimura is a high school student who fades into the background often. However, on the internet, she is known as Lovesick Ellie and often tweets amusing and horny on main statements about her life and the daydreams she makes up about her crush. Her crush is a fellow classmate named Ohmi who turns out, is a bit of an asshole despite everyone at school adoring him. He’s rude and downright creepy toward Eriko upon finding her phone and looking through it to discover she is Lovesick Ellie and guesses that her tweets are about him, considering he’s the prince of the school.

The relationship between Ohmi and Eriko is weird as hell but amusing in a sad way? He’s closed off and puts on airs in order to keep his social standing. Eriko is so socially awkward it’s almost painful. She says things that are relatable, (what 16yr old girl hasn’t wondered about what their crush smells like?) but you don’t say those things out loud in order to relate to people! She has no real social skills and she comes on strong, but she does mean well.

My biggest issue with this series is that Ichimura is just too much all the time. She’s too wrapped up in her head, too obsessed with a boy who doesn’t give a shit, too full of self-hatred, too in need of some freaking therapy for me to really like. I related to a lot of the stuff she spoke about but she just kept blaming herself so much over and over for literally nothing that I found myself rolling my eyes. I think the author went a little over the top with the stereotypes in this because it was an enjoyable read but just very over the top in terms of personality. That being said I did enjoy it on the whole and would probably read the next volume when it comes into the library.

Title: Lovesick Ellie (Vol. 1)
Author: Fujimomo
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 180
ISBN: 9781646513178

Three Descriptors: Immature, Awkward, Dramatic

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