Knight of the Ice (Vol. 9)


Whooo some more side character shenanigans! We’re finally at the National Figure Skating Championships to figure out who will represent Japan in the next Olympics. We get some insight into all Kokoro’s rivals and challengers and their reasoning for wanting to participate. Taiga is still in love and trying to balance his love of the sport with his love for his girlfriend, and Raito is trying to figure out how to honor his grandfather through his less-than-perfect figure skating.

It’s nice to finally have some development with characters other than Kokoro and Chitose, though they remain the standouts and main characters of the story. Kokoro contemplates his life and relationship with both Chitose and his father while working hard to make it to the top of the final standings. While he stresses, he realizes he needs the confidence to stand on his own and make those he loves proud of him, and for the first time, tries to skate without the pre-skate ritual he and Chitose participate in.

Also, Moriyama is the freaking best. Koichi, Chitose’s boss, however, is the worst. Ugh.
This was a fun volume. I like this series as it’s relatively low stakes and has some interesting elements. As the characters become more and more fleshed out, it gets even better.

Title: Knight of the Ice (Vol. 9)
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781646510863

Three Descriptors: Adorable, Sweet, Honest

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