Knight of the Ice (Vol 10)


Wow! So much happening!

Man, this series really picked up the pace! A few of the volumes in the middle were fun but not really moving much forward, but everything kicks off in this one!

First, Kokoppe finally decides to have surgery on his foot in order to hopefully skate better in the Olympics. At the same time, Chitose is struggling with her congenital heart condition to the point where she needs to finally have the surgery she’s been putting off. The problem with this is that her surgery will require her to miss the Olympics and thus not be there to cast the spell on Kokoppe in time for his skate. The pair are dealing with their own self-confidence issues and are trying to figure out how to support one another on the most stressful and important days of their lives. It feels realistic in a way, in that they’re in love but learning they sometimes have to sacrifice things whether they want to or not, and how to keep pushing forward through these roadblocks.

This was a fantastic volume as aside from the aforementioned situation above, there are tons of small storylines involving side characters we’ve all grown to enjoy. Taiga is inspired by the power of horniness, Tamura has to step in to help someone else reach their Olympic dreams and Kyle and Louis are coming to Sochi with the eyes of the world on them while they get pushed out for younger, more talented skaters from their own countries.

I really enjoyed this volume! There’s a lot to follow and I enjoyed getting to step away from Kokoppe in order to see how his friends and rivals are preparing for the Olympics alongside him. His approach is different from everyone else, so seeing how the different skaters deal with the Olympics from a mental and emotional standpoint leads to a lot of interesting story beats.

This series is so cute and enjoyable to read, I can’t wait for Kokoppe to skate!

Title: Knight of the Ice (Vol. 10)
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781646510870

Three Descriptors: Adorable, Sweet, Honest

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