Spy x Family (Vol 7)


Unreal fabulous

This volume is a deviation from the usual set up and I really enjoyed it! We start with a confrontation between Loid and Desmond in which Loid does a lot of speaking and projecting onto Desmond. It’s brilliant as it’s clearly a tactic Loid is using to read Desmond emotionally and body language-wise, as well as watching to see how Damien reacts to his words. Loid rules.

Aside from that original discussion, we also get day-of-the-life snippets from other side characters in the series such as Bond, the adorable dog, and Franky, Loid’s co-worker at the agency. Yor finally gets a new assignment from her agency, keeping an eye on a woman and her child as they escape the country on a boat. Of course, the plot leads to Loid and Anya coming as well, despite them not knowing Yor’s true identity. She’s being sent for work and they win a trip, so time for a family vacation! The feeling at the end of the volume is ominous, so who knows where this is going.

All I know is that if ANYTHING ever happens to Anya, I will start cracking skulls.

Title: Spy x Family (Volume 7)
Author: Tatsuya Endo
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN:  9781974728480)

Three Descriptors: High energy, Creative, Darkly Humorous

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