The Last Flight


A great summer read!

This is exactly the kind of thrilling novel you want to read as you lounge poolside or by any body of water. A fast-paced, non-stop story with a perfect amount of twists and turns.

Claire Cook is married to Rory, a high-powered man with a family legacy who is about to announce a run for Senate. Behind closed doors, he’s an absolute piece of shit and abuses Claire often. Claire and her one friend in the world, Petra, have been silently planning her escape for a while, finding a way to make her disappear so Rory is unable to use his sway and money to track her down. When their plan goes awry, Claire must think on her feet and meets Eva, a woman in the airport on the run for her own reasons. The pair decide to switch lives; Claire will go to Berkley where Eva is running from and Eva will board Claire’s flight to Puerto Rico as her. The only issue is, once Claire lands in California and deplanes, she sees the news: her flight to Puerto Rico has crashed and there are no survivors.

This book is impossible to talk about without giving away major plot spoilers, so I’ll only write in generalities. I usually am not a big fan of thrillers, I genuinely get scared of everything so any type of thriller or suspense novel occasionally gives me nightmares. This was a different type of thriller in that it was character-driven more than plot-driven and the characters were beautifully fleshed out and real. Both women are strong, nuanced protagonists who have distinct voices. Because they’re written so well, it’s easy for us as readers to relate to them and root for them through every twist and turn. There are a few twists in this book and I was surprised by them all. You can tell Julie Clark outlined and storyboarded this entire novel before writing in order to make the story flow, as a significant portion of the book takes place in flashbacks before the crash.

This is a fantastic, quick read that will entertain you the entire time. It’s incredibly timely and well-paced and I would absolutely recommend it if you have a patron who wants a fast vacation read. Might not want to bring this one on a plane though. Just saying.

Title: The Last Flight
Author: Julie Clark
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 311
ISBN:  9781728215723
Three Descriptors: Intricately Plotted, Compelling, Suspenseful

Read Alikes:
The Switch by Joseph Finder
Layover  by David Bell
The Better Liar Tby Tanen Jones
The Favor by Nora Murphy
The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks

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