My Hero Academia (Vol. 30)



Holy crap. Spoilers are inbound for this one because HOW DO YOU TALK ABOUT THIS VOLUME WITHOUT SPOILERS I do not know.

Things really went nuclear in this volume. The number of fight scenes and explosions seemed to ramp up a top. It was noticeable to me because I find it difficult to follow the storyline during fight scenes as there’s so much chaos and black ink floating around I often find myself lost. That being said, the major plot points in this volume were so strong and overwhelming that it was impossible to not follow along.

Dabi is a hot mess. Literally. He has been such an interesting villain throughout the entire series and now that he’s released his manifesto he’s impacting the minds of people all over Japan. He’s a genius really to release a video explaining the extent of the abuse he received from his father as the world is watching Japan and clearly this will become a focus for the bigger world going forward. How do we trust heroes to take care of our streets and keep us safe when they’re actively abusing their own children for not living up to idealized potential?! It’s a fantastic and sobering thought to put into the minds of the characters and I do love the way Horikoshi adds the social impact of hero society into these battles.

Aside from this giant story with Dabi, Endeavor, and Todoroki, we also get more of One for All, Shigiraki, and Deku in this volume and the return of MY BOY MIRIO!!!!!!! Oh my god, I almost screamed at his return. Eri is truly the QUEEN and the savior for training hard and doing her best to get Mirio back his power. That little angel deserves the world. Also, Mr. Compress is a baller and every villain in this series is cool as fuck what the hell. I am loving this. I sort of want it to end soon just so my eyes can take a break but god, it rules.

Title: My Hero Academia (Vol 30)
Kohei Horikoshi

Three Descriptors: Hopeful, Action-packed, Dramatic

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