Beastars (Vol. 17)


Legoshi is a boss

Man, the world outside of school sure is awful and terrifying! Ever since Legoshi got expelled this series has revved up tenfold and I am so into it. I am not so into Haru and Legoshi still being together/not together, only because Legoshi seems to have grown so much more than she has in the same span of time due to him being forced into adulthood early. I understand her importance to his story as she is the one thing tying him back to his adolescence and growth, but every time she shows up I do feel a little sad we’re not following the main, more interesting plot.

That being said, holy heck I love the newer villain characters. Melon playing around being a teacher is ten types of awful and awesome and I already adore Deshico the musk cat. What a weird, interesting character. I love the “tiny person is the big bad” trope so I am super intrigued as to where this arc is going!

Title: Beastars (Vol. 17)
Author: Paru Itagaki
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781974719969

Three Descriptors: Captivating, Dark, Dramatic

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