Cherry magic! Thirty years of virginity can make you a wizard?! (Vol 1)


With a title like this, how can you NOT read this?!

First of all, what a perfectly ridiculous plot for a manga. Adachi turns 30 and finds himself to still be a virgin at 30 despite his efforts to not be. Because of this, he discovers he is a wizard. God, I love manga logic. Adachi can read the thoughts of those he touches, which makes it even harder for him to establish meaningful relationships. Despite this, he keeps touching/getting touched by his super-hot co-worker, Kurosawa. Kurosawa is the star of their workplace, handsome and good at his job. After a few touches, Adachi realizes that Kurosawa has a crush on him, despite everything about him. Adachi is a hot mess of a human and has no idea how to interact with crushes, so most of the first volume is about him having anxiety non-stop because of this.

It’s a cute little slow-burn romance manga and I am definitely picking up volume 2. This whole volume was so damn wholesome I could barely take it. If you’re a fan of the awkward love confessions and the slow-burn romance, you will totally be into this. Also, Adachi’s best friend is a fellow 30yr old virgin man who writes romance novels, and I am ready for a whole series based on him. He is amazing and we start to get an inkling of some romance with him as well.

This whole series is cute so far and I’m going to look into finding the anime now because what a joy!

Title: Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (Vol 1)
Author: Yuu Toyota
Format: Paperback
Pages: 146
ISBN:  9781646090297
Three Descriptors: Wholesome, Sweet, Ridiculous

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