The Man Who Died Twice


Osman does it again!

After reading this novel, I’m pretty sure The Thursday Murder Club is my happy place.

Richard Osman picks up from where his first novel left off and reintroduces us into the lives of Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim, affectionately known as the Thursday Murder Club. In this installment, we are introduced to Douglas, Elizabeth’s ex-husband. Douglas, much like Elizabeth, is a spy and member of MI5 and MI6 and calls upon Elizabeth to help him after a plan goes wrong and he’s now in possession of twenty million pounds worth of diamonds.

To continue to describe the plot would do this novel a vast injustice, so I’ll leave it at that. A few other subplots tie together here, and all of the members receive plenty of shine, even if Elizabeth is the leader who drives most of the plot. Joyce, in particular, really comes into her own in this sequel, and honestly, if someone told me they weren’t a fan of Joyce, I would immediately remove myself from their life as they are not to be trusted.

Our favorite side characters, such as police officers Chris and Donna and the enigmatic Bogdan, are also back. We’re also introduced to Chris’s new paramour, Donna’s mother, Patrice. They all add such a great vibe to the story, and their interactions with the main four are standouts. New characters include a love-struck dealer, a young boy who thinks he’s untouchable, a garden-obsessed crime boss, and Ron’s grandson Kendrick. These characters are fascinating in their own ways, making the mystery full of red herrings but also fun.

I needed to read this purely because the third installment comes out later this month, and I need to read it as fast as possible. I think these books are the most fun I’ve had reading in a long, long time, and I am so happy that so many others are finding this series!

Title: The Man Who Died Twice
Author: Richard Osman
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 355
ISBN: 9781984880994

Three Descriptors: Engaging; Well-crafted dialogue; Witty

Read Alikes:
The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood
Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions by Mario Giordano
Exit by Belinda Bauer
Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz
An Elderly Lady is Up To No Good by Helene Tursten

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