I Think Our Son is Gay (Vol 1)


Adorable & Sweet

What a short, heartwarming beginning to a series! If you’re looking for something gay that isn’t about the non-stop depression of life as an LGBT+ person, this is a lovely change of pace.

This series is written from the perspective of a mother who suspects her eldest son is gay. The entire volume is short issues, usually only a few pages, that stem around some hint that her child is LGBT. They’re primarily domestic interactions, like the mother, Tomoko, finding a men’s magazine in her son’s room and catching him saying he wants a boyfriend one day rather than a girlfriend. It’s a primarily adorable story in that she is entirely supportive of her son, Hiroki, but does not bring up his sexuality to him at any time, hoping he will talk to her about it when he feels like it.

At the same time, the Aoyama family has an absent father who clearly cares for his children but is away from the house often for work and thus does not know his children well. He’s more stereotypical, believing that because his son is in high school, he should be getting interested in girls and having never considered his sons would be anything other than straight. He does show that he loves his boys; he’s not around them enough to understand their real interests, which is an aspect of life I think many young LGBT teens can relate to.

There isn’t much substance to this volume; it’s a mostly short slice of life issues compiled, but I’m interested in seeing if this series gets more realistic and dramatic as the Aoyama family learns about Hiroki’s sexuality or if he gets enough confidence to come out. Either way, this first volume made me feel warm inside. I wish every gay kid had a mom like Tomoko.

Title: I Think Our Son Is Gay (Vol 1)
Author: Okura
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781646090921

Three Descriptors: Heartwarming, Lighthearted, Sweet

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