The Secret Society of Irregular Witches


Found Family!

An uplifting and romantic book containing everyone’s favorite trope; found family!

Mika Moon is a witch. A very lonely, conflicted witch. Despite her 31 years of age, the only people in her life who know about her secret witch abilities are her fellow witches. Even so, the required quarterly meetings are the only time they can interact, as socializing outside of said meetings would threaten their safety. Mika yearns for companionship and a chance to connect with the world and thus starts an account on social media where she pretends to be a witch and gives spells. That satisfies her needs until a man named Ian contacts her.

Ian can sense when real witches are around and sends Mika a message hoping she will come to the Nowhere House, a home in Norfolk that houses three young, secret witches who need someone to teach them to control their power. The Nowhere House is occupied by the three young witches, Terracotta, Rosette, and Altamira; Ken and Ian, a married couple; Lucie, the housekeeper and mother figure; and Jamie, an Irish librarian who is initially against Mika’s inclusion. Despite her nervousness, she agrees to go, hoping that her influence can help the young girls have a happier childhood than she did.

When a threat presents itself and leaves the future of the girls in question, Mika and Jamie have to put their differences aside for the sake of helping the children reach their full potential. And, of course, they both happen to be very attracted to one another. Romance and magic ensue in more ways than one.

I read a synopsis of this title that related it to The House in the Cerulean Sea, a book I recently loved, and I felt I needed to read this novel as soon as possible. It is a strong read alike! Both have the concept of found family, finding your inner strength, and a romance element. This novel has many diverse characters, and I found the world the author created to be a great blend of magical realism. The romance built mostly in the latter half of the book, but the casual ease of their relationship starting was lovely to read. A fantastically fun, cute read that left me wanting to seek out more of the author’s work. I hope this author continues writing in this genre, as it ticked all the boxes for me.

Title: The Secret Society of Irregular Witches
Author: Sangu Mandanna
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780593439357

Three Descriptors: Engaging, Heartwarming, Romantic

Read Alikes:
The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune
Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper
Witch Please by Ann Aguirre
The Awakening by Nora Roberts
A Spindle Splintered by Alix E. Harrow

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