An Unapologetic Cookbook


I adore him.

I hate cooking. There are few things I find to be a more considerable waste of time than spending over an hour making a dinner that you eat in 10 minutes. That being said, I want to improve my cooking skills for the future as I, sadly, am an adult and need to feed myself. Woe is me.

I never watch food channels, so this was a first for me. I found Joshua Weissman on YouTube by accident and found his sense of humor and editing to be endearing. I decided to check and see if he published a cookbook as I often find his videos entertaining, but hard to follow specific recipes. When I found this book, I tried out a few more uncomplicated recipes and shock of shocks; they were super simple and easy to follow! I don’t know if this book is aimed at total beginner losers like me or more experienced cooks, but I just chose the ones with the shortest list of ingredients and went from there. I enjoy his approach to cooking and how he cuts back on a lot of the added, unnecessary ingredients and focuses on how to make a good-tasting meal without wasting hours of your life. Worth checking out!

Title: An Unapologetic Cookbook
Author: Joshua Weissman
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781615649983

Three Descriptors: Simple, Funny, Clear

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