BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural


Hey there demons. It’s me! Ya boy!

Never will you get me to say a bad thing about the ghoul boys. I adore them profoundly and watching Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, and True Crime got me through the pandemic and helped keep me sane.

This book is just a gift for all of us who love Shane, Ryan, and the myriad of amusing supernatural encounters they’ve had over the years while working on the show. It’s a well-structured book in that a few pages are dedicated to each haunting/supernatural event they investigated, offering quips and behind-the-scenes info about each one. It’s filled with the usual humor we are used to from the boys, and Shane’s sarcasm is terrific throughout. I’m a big Shaniac.

If you’re a fan of Buzzfeed Unsolved, you will love this. If not, it’s not worth checking out without having watched some of the episodes first, as most of the content directly references situations within the episodes. An excellent gift for any fan of the show.

Title: Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural
Author:  Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej
Format: Paperback
Pages:  234
ISBN: 9780762480203

Three Descriptors: Snarky, Spooky, Likeable

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