Young Men in Love


A fun little collection.

Comic anthologies are usually pretty hit or miss for me, but this one landed on the right side of a hit. This is a comic collection of stories about men on the LGBT+ spectrum and their lives. There is a huge amount of diversity in this collection, not just in terms of sexual orientation and race but also in regards to disabilities, body types, etc There is something for everyone in this. Some are based in reality and are sweet romances, whereas others are more fantasy/sci-fi based, which helps in making this a more well-rounded and interesting collection.

I really enjoyed the story by Anthony Oliveira, but I admit to being biased as I am a fan of his on Twitter. I also enjoyed the story by Joe Glass as I think it was the first time I’ve seen a gay romantic comic surrounding chubby chasing in the gay community. The one downside I found to this collection was that, as with many comic collections, some of the available stories didn’t stack up compared to others. Part of me wishes this was less of an anthology collection and more genre-based, as it was pretty jarring to have a sweet romance and the next story be about someone in love with a ghost and in space. I enjoyed that element for the most part, but it does suck when you love a story and wish you could have more but then have to read something subpar. That’s the double-edged sword of a story being only a few pages; most of these never really feel like they get going before the conclusion is reached. Really great story and a fun collection all around.

Title: Young Men in Love
Author: Joe Glass
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781949518207

Three Descriptors: Creative, Diverse, Well-Illustrated

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