My Hero Academia (Vol 32)


Lady Nagant returns!

Hot damn, Deku is the most incredible superhero ever.

I love that this series has embraced Dark Deku. I feel like we all knew Deku was going to go down a path of self-sacrifice at some point, and though he’s done it in the past, he’s literally fighting on his lonesome. He’s always been the type to overwork and pushes himself too far, but right now, that is combined with his desire to save everyone he can, putting him on a path that’s both exhilarating and terrifying. This volume was incredible at showing Deku’s physical and mental change over the past few volumes but still embracing the compassionate person he’s always been. I was thrilled to see Lady Nagant again, as I think she’s one of the most interesting characters in the entire series. When we see Deku treat her as an adversary and with the compassion not to kill her, it perfectly encapsulates who he is as a hero. The very end of the volume had me screaming. I cannot wait for these last few volumes with a Bakugo and Deku team-up. They both drive one another to be their best, so I can only imagine how off-the-charts violent and dark this is going to get before the very end.

Title: My Hero Academia (Vol 32)
Kohei Horikoshi

Three Descriptors: Hopeful, Action-packed, Dramatic

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