Spy x Family (Vol. 8)



This series never fails to be highly amusing and fun. This is probably the best volume in quite a while due to the character development we readers get for Yor. In this volume, Yor is assigned as a bodyguard to a woman from an infamous mafia family. She’s trying to escape the country and has hidden her identity, and Yor’s organization is fully aware there are several assassins interested in killing this woman. The woman in question only wants to protect her child, who stirs feelings within Yor.

While Yor is on the trip playing bodyguard, Lloyd and Anya are also aboard, having won a contest. Anya knows Yor is on board due to her powers, but Lloyd has no idea as he’s there on his own orders. Anya wants to have fun with Lloyd and be with her ‘parents,’ so she is as chaotic as humanly possible. Much of this volume is Yor fighting with various assassins intent on killing her ward, but Yor fights tooth and nail to protect her while also fighting to get herself back to Lloyd and Anya. Yor is the single most badass character in this series, and I would do anything for her. She kicks so much ass, and I’m glad we’re finally getting more storylines revolving around her. This series is always a fun read, but volumes like this really sell it and make you desperate for the next installment.

Title: Spy x Family (Vol 8)
Author: Tatsuya Endo
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781974734276

Three Descriptors: High energy, Creative, Darkly Humorous

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