Run on Your New Legs (Vol 2)


What a series!

I stumbled upon Volume 1 of this series at the end of 2022 and fell in love with the story and its presentation. I’m thrilled to say Volume 2 was even better than the first!

At the end of Volume one, Kikuzato decides to try being a para-athlete and yearns to learn to run with the help of a specially made prosthetic made by Chidori. Kikuzato chooses to try and join the track and field club to regain his stamina and have a reason to run, but there are hurdles (both literal and figurative) at every turn. These come from the other track and field club members, his former friends and teammates on the soccer team, and his mother, who has become much more overprotective after his injury. Most of this volume gives the reader some background on the emotional resolve of our characters. It explains a bit about Kikuzato’s home life and how his accident impacted the family. His mother, in particular, is a massive part of this volume as she is against him running due to her fear that he will once again be injured. She doesn’t trust Chidori at first, which is understandable as she’s a responsible adult and he is a well-meaning hot mess, but her love for Kikuzato overtakes all her other feelings.

This volume does a fabulous job at building upon the first in all the ways I wanted, and I can’t wait to pick up volume three this week!


Title: Run On Your New Legs (Vol. 2)
Author: Wataru Midori
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781975339012

Three Descriptors: Intense, Thoughtful, Authentic

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Haikyu!! By Haruichi Furudate
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