Loathe to Love You


Not bad, but not exciting.

Have you read The Love Hypothesis? Did you like it? Have you read Love on the Brain? Did you like it? If so, then wow, you are going to love this one!

You’re going to love this because it is the same book. It’s the same plot, the same basic storyline, the same type of woman, and the same kind of enemies to lovers guy to fall for.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing! I love a good romance, I love a good enemy to friends to lovers story, and I am fine reading the same style of book over and over, as long as I know that’s what I’m getting into. If you like the author and like good enemies-to-lovers romance, go for it! Of the three, Under One Roof was probably the one I liked most, and I must say I enjoy whoever does the art for Hazelwood’s covers.

The only real issue with this collection is it’s basically three of the same style stories back to back, so it reads more as one giant book than three separate stories. It actually made it a bit harder for me to get through only because I knew exactly what to expect from all three. There are unique aspects to the three stories that make it obvious they’re different (all STEM jobs but in various fields, for example). Still, all the women’s characteristics were so similar that it was hard to differentiate and care about them as individuals. Because the three stories center around three best friends, you see those women popping up repeatedly in one another’s stories. This makes it hard to identify with one woman/pick a favorite story as so much of it bleeds into the other. The personality traits of the women are also pretty basic. Don’t get me wrong; strong, trustworthy female friendships are essential and should be included in more romance writing. Still, when all three women are weirdly insecure and need to lean on one another for advice over and over to make decisions, it all feels like too much. These ladies are brilliant, hard-working, and independent, aside from the fact that every female Hazelwood character has apparently never learned an ounce of emotional intelligence in their lives. You can be introverted and shy without being entirely socially inept, yet romance authors (as of late) really try to convince you that’s not true.

I didn’t hate any of these stories. They’re all fine and a solid way to pass the time. I wish I had read them as standalone novellas with some time in between rather than in a collection that made them feel forced, repetitive, and samey. I want more professional women in romance. I want more books dealing with women in STEM finding love and more cheesy trope-filled love stories! I would just like some fun characterization to go with it.

Title: Loathe to Love You
Author:  Ali Hazelwood
Pages: 371
ISBN: 9780593437803

Three Descriptors: Cute, Steamy, Repetitive

Read Alikes:
The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas
It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey
Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Truth or Beard by Penny Reid
The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren


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