Sasaki and Peeps (Volume 1)

60708416 Talking animals jumping worlds with 40yr olds! Sasaki and Peeps continues my never-ending quest to find amusing manga series not centered around teenagers. This goal is forever tricky, but in my search, Sasaki and Peeps came recommended on a list for Manga for older adults. Though this is very much a set-up volume, I think it has great potential. Like many others, Sasaki is pushing 40, making less money than he deserves, and barely has the time or energy to date or participate in life changes. After a co-worker adopts a pet for some companionship, Sasaki decides to try and do the same. However, he selects a small bird as his pet once he’s at the store. Suddenly he finds out his newfound bird friend can speak and is from another world, taking on the form of a bird. Sasaki and Peeps work together to teach Sasaki magic so that Peeps may work through him. This gives Sasaki some purpose to his life, and Peeps suggest they take everyday things from our world (paper, pens, etc.) and sell them in other worlds for money and prestige. Most of the book’s latter half involves Sasaki setting up his business venture and the stressors that come from balancing life in two worlds. This is a pretty enjoyable setup for a new series. The pacing is a little off as there is much world-building regarding Peeps character and the business ventures they pursue, but it’s interesting enough. Something is going on with the young girl who lives next to Sasaki, as it’s clear her single mother is neglecting her, so I’m sure that will come into play in future series. At the end of the volume, Sasaki is also in the line of another magic user, so I’m interested to see her role as we get further into the story. Title: Sasaki and Peeps, Vol 1 Author: Buncololi Format: Paperback Pages: 164 ISBN: 9781975348847 Three Descriptors: World-Building, Slow Start, Talking Animals

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