Fangs (Volume 1)


Sexy and intriguing!

Well, this has been an unexpected hit for me! While I usually never find myself interested in reading fiction with vampires, this manga was a home run!

Fangs is the story of En, a 19-year-old who wakes up with no memory of the vampire attack he has lived through. The world of this series involves an organization named Fangs, which is responsible for the welfare of vampires and making sure any new vampire has help through their transition from humanity to vampirism. Upon waking up, he meets Ichii, one of the higher-ups in Fangs and En’s new guardian, as he adjusts to his new life. Another part of this world is the pairing system, which equates to sometimes a romantic relationship and sometimes a more ‘friends with benefits style of relationship. Pairs are compatible vampires who agree to be mutual feeding partners, keeping regular humans safe from being fed upon.

Of course, there is a strong undercurrent of romance between En and Ichii. There is sexual content pretty early in the first volume, but the romance is where the slow build comes in. En, approached by other more intense vampires, declares Ichii to be his partner, and the two try their best to balance out their budding relationship with their vampire desires.

There is a lot of sex in this volume, and the sex scenes were great. I didn’t feel they were shoehorned in or there for fanservice, as the repercussions of their sexual relationship always play heavily into the plot. En is a fascinating, relatable character trying to figure out how to not only be a vampire, but how, at 19, to navigate his way through a relationship with a decades-older vampire, his assigned guardian. It’s an enjoyable manga with much more emotional resonance than I expected. I am 100% continuing to read this series!

Title: Fangs
Author: Billy Balibally
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781427867933

Three Descriptors: Sexy, Dark, Well-Illustrated

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