Knot My Type


Knot too bad.

Knot My Type has to have one of the cutest, most apropos covers/titles I have ever seen. It gets an A+ from me just on marketing and designs alone, but the novel’s content isn’t enough to give it an overall positive score.

Frankie is a wheelchair user who hosts a podcast about sex and relationships. When a listener wants advice on rope play, a kink that she has never explored, Frankie needs to reach out to someone new to be educated enough on the topic to give good advice. Here is where we meet Jay, a local woodworker and rigger who is a non-monogamous relationship guy and more of an admitted easy bang. Jay and Frankie work together to try and set up some time for Frankie to learn about rope play and, of course, hit it off sexually. Jay does not want a relationship, and Frankie is very much looking for love and sex.

The concept of this book is excellent, and the characters are pretty cool, including the side/friend characters, but the romance is lacking for me. While I loved the idea of a woman in a wheelchair having a sexual relationship with a non-disabled guy, their chemistry didn’t feel sexy and fun. There’s been a massive push lately for every romance to have witty banter as dialogue, and I think only specific authors excel in writing that style. I find it to be forced often, and with this title, the dialogue just fell flat for me. There’s a lot of instalove here, which isn’t a massive issue with me most of the time, but there needed to be more chemistry and tension for the instalove to work. It was a lot of telling the reader that they fell in love immediately but not showing why they were so instantly wrapped up with one another.

This wasn’t a book with much drama, which is maybe why I feel it suffered a bit. I liked how calm their dynamic was, however. It was nice to see two people have a supportive communication style and not fall into a lot of the pratfalls other romance novels do. It’s a cool romance for a quick read; nothing earth-shattering here but an excellent way to pass some time.

Title: Knot My Type
Author: Evie Mitchell
Format: Paperback
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9781922561213

Three Descriptors: Cute, Sexy, Missing Something

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