Gray Hair Don’t Care

56637865 A 50+ second chances romance! I am always on the lookout for romances for the library that involve older women and stumbled upon this one as a recommendation. There aren’t a wide variety of romance novels out there aimed toward middle-aged women, so I was happy to check this one out for my patrons. Lela Bennett is a makeup artist dealing with a divorce and is on the precipice of taking the next big steps in her life. She’s pretty self-assured in her job, but her ex-husband made her constantly feel less than in regards to her femininity, not enjoying her whimsical dresses and natural hair color. On a whim, she runs into Donovan, her old college best friend, for who she used to have feelings. Unfortunately, Donovan didn’t feel the same (so she thought) and instead went through a flurry of marriages with younger and younger women. Lela and Donovan spend a night together and then go their separate ways. Years later Lela’s makeup brand is small, but successful, and is purchased to partner with an up-and-coming influencer brand. The brand just so happens to be owned by Donovan’s daughter Echo, and thus Lela and Donovan are brought back together to co-exist, work through their old issues, and help push their companies forward. Overall this was a pretty sweet little romance. Lela was a great character that was confident in herself and self-assured but her issues were all understandable things to struggle with. The only downside to the book was that because Lela was so enjoyable, Donovan didn’t really feel like he deserved to be with her. By the end, I ended up liking Donovan a lot more, but overall Lela was too cool for him. Also four marriages by the time you’re in your late forties? Red flags all over the place dude. His character was likable but odd, I just loved Lela a lot more. Title: Gray Hair Don’t Care Author: Karen Booth Format: Paperback Pages: 276 ISBN:  9780578826288 Three Descriptors: Sweet, Relatable, Optimistic

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