Kakuriyo (Vol. 7)


I love this little series. Fantasy series are usually my cup of tea and this one is adorably wholesome.

This volume is pretty relaxed and similar to the others. Aoi makes some delicious food that the entire staff comes to try for the first time (bread!) and it is mentioned that since she helped keep the chef on staff a few volumes ago, the staff has warmed up to Aoi massively.

Lady Ritsuko shows up to see Aoi, thank her for the meal she made them a volume or two ago, and gifts her a beautiful stole that has some spiritual power to it. It is meant to be passed down from woman to woman, and Lady Ritsuko has taken a liking to Aoi. She tells Aoi her life story and discusses how they are both human women who are destined to be with supernatural men. She informs Aoi that her life has had struggles, but she is so happy and her husband is the love of her life. It’s very sweet and it’s nice to see Aoi have a real female friend who isn’t another staff member.

This volume was very simple and had a lot of setup, but it was fun as always. I really enjoy the world-building of this series and that’s the selling factor for me!

Title: Kakuriyo (Volume 7)
Author: Wako Ioka
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781974726486

Three Descriptors: Supernatural, Folklore based, Budding romance,

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