The Valentine’s Hate


A cute escapist romance

I know exactly what I want when reading a romance novel around Valentine’s Day. I want an easy, comfort read where I will be fully aware of every trope and plot point that is to come. I don’t need excessive drama or plot twists; give me a good romance scene or two and some silly fun to while away a few hours. The Valentine’s Hate delivered on all these promises.

The Valentine’s Hate is a very short (under 250) novel that uses Valentine’s Day as a secondary plot point. This novel is filled with your favorite romance tropes, from enemies to friends to lovers to fake dating to romance at a wedding.

Lizzie is a headstrong woman returning home for her best friend’s wedding. On the way to the wedding, she ends up on the plane next to Brian, her childhood neighbor, and rival. The two hated one another in school for reasons that can be summed up as ‘they were kids’, and Brian is now an incredibly popular fantasy author. Here is the time to suspend your disbelief, as Brian is basically described as the Beatles of authors, constantly being chased down by rabid fans. Hilarious to think that would happen to an author, as even insanely popular series now do not have that popularity extended to the authors, but hey, it’s fiction! Brian’s right-hand woman cancels on him last minute, and his social anxiety has him on edge regarding the author networking events and book tour he is about to embark upon landing.

After the hotel gets rained out, Brian offers Lizzie his extra room in his suite in return for using her outgoing, extroverted personality on his book tour and pretending to be his girlfriend to ward off his obsessive legion of fans. She accepts, and the two quickly fall into the FWB situation but catch feelings along the way.

This novel is exactly what it promises. One or two semi-steamy sex scenes, some enemies to friends to lovers situations with a relatively satisfying end.

Is this a great romance? Not really. Is it total garbage? Not really. It’s a good little love story that was entertaining enough to read for a few hours and get you in the Valentine’s mood.

Title: The Valentine’s Hate
Author: Sidney Halston
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780063286399

Three Descriptors: Steamy, Quick, Fake Dating

Read Alikes:
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Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur
The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams
People We Met on Vacation by Emily Henry
The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas
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