Beastars 9


This series rules.

Beastars remains the weirdest concept with the best execution.

Holy shit do things pop off in this volume. We start with some straight up accidental violence and FINALLY get an answer to who killed Tem in the very first volume! I was not expecting that to be resolved at ALL in this, at least not at this point in the series so that was a really interesting approach. Pina remains one of the coolest newer characters that I am desperate to get more out of.

On the topic of cool characters, we learn a lot more about Legoshi’s backstory, including what happened to his mom and why he always mentions he was raised by his grandfather. He’s still doing training with Gohin and runs into Louis, his old friend from school who is now the head of a black market dealing mafia group.

We also get some insight into Juno, the female wolf who is currently the closest to becoming the new Beastar. She is a fascinating character, conniving and smart and yet wholly a teenage girl full of jealousy and hates anyone who is giving attention to Legoshi. She especially dislikes Haru, Legoshi’s love interest, but the two hang out for a bit and she pretends to be pals with Haru while finding herself angry at how genuinely nice Haru seems to be. This series is weird as fuck and normally it would never be anything I’d pick up but it’s so strange and odd and compelling I am literally on the waitlist for the next volume months in advance.

Title:  Beastars (Volume 9)
Author: Paru Itagaki
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN:  9781974708062

Three Descriptors: Captivating, Dark, Dramatic

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