Inside No. 9: The Scripts


Absolutely brilliant

This is the best show currently on television.

I cannot say enough about the genius of Inside No. 9. It’s like everything Black Mirror should have been without being overwhelmingly, hopelessly depressing with every passing episode. Don’t get me wrong, this show isn’t a happy, joyous romp, but the moral questions it brings, and the topics being focused on feel more human than anything, so it’s easier to swallow. Most of the problems people are dealing with are real, human issues and thus could have ended up another way depending on the choice a person makes. I find that aspect of the show to be incredibly interesting as often the moral seems to simply be if you don’t act like an asshole to people you’ve made the right choice.

This book is a compilation of the scripts from the first 18 episodes of the series, aka series 1-3. There are some real stand outs in this collection that I loved reading just as much as watching. Quiet Night In is a fantastic episode containing almost no sound or dialog at all, so reading the script for it was particularly fascinating. It was fun to figure out how they went to a script full of descriptions to the final product on TV, and I loved it. The Understudy is another great one that honestly would have been a perfect short story if it was published years ago.

Honestly it just rules. If you like horror, psychological thrillers, anything remotely supernatural or Twilight Zone-esque, I would HIGHLY recommend this to you!

Title: Inside No. 9: The Scripts Series 1-3
Author: Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
ISBN:  9781529349344

Three Descriptors: Chilling, Dark, Atmospheric

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