A Sign of Affection (Vol 2.)


Too Sweet. 

Volume 2 of A Sign of Affection absolutely raised the stakes from volume one but keeps all the things I enjoyed about volume one!

In this volume, we get a lot more of Yuki and Itsuomi hanging out one-on-one and learning a bit more about one another. We discover that Yuki has been hard of hearing since birth and can still hear some things, but they all blend, and she struggles with being able to hear specific things. We also get some back story on Itsuomi and his love of traveling and how it is his passion in life. His dream is to travel overseas to help teach children, which is a great way to continue to make Itsuomi a very likable and charming romantic lead.

Despite that, we meet Emma, a friend of Itsuomi who is clearly in love with him, but he has moved on and informed her of this several times. She refuses to quit but he is very open and honest in that he even lets her stay at his place while she’s out late and tipsy but removes himself from the situation and stays with a friend to not give her false hope. Oushi also appears again in this volume, mostly to warn Yuki that he thinks Itsuomi is bad news and clearly could never really love her. Oushi deeply cares for Yuki, but it seems he’s spent so much time pining for her and watching out for her he doesn’t seem to understand that she is a woman with her own autonomy. She likes Itsuomi and should be allowed to explore those feelings without her “friend” telling her not to because why would a guy like Itsuomi have a crush on a deaf woman? He’s a dick playing as a good friend, so we’ll see in the future if Yuki is able to call out his bullshit.

Again, this series is sweet. It’s cute. It’s wholesome. It’s a great little quick read between some of my harder/heavier novels, so I am super glad it exists.

Title: A Sign of Affection (Vol 2.)
Author:  Suu Morishita
Format: Paperback
Pages:  192
ISBN: 9781646511853

Three Descriptors: Cute, Representative, Heartwarming

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