Days On Fes (Vol 2 & 3)

Chill. Boring but in a nice way?

This series confuses me, but I still find it pretty adorable regardless.

Honestly, there’s no real plot to this series. It’s like a series of interconnected people finding themselves and their plan for life through music. Our main character, Kanade, is falling in love with music more and more, and even her parents comment on how she finally has found something that is ‘hers’ which is sweet. She has a great friendship with Otoha that’s become stronger through their excursions to concerts and they’re both wonderfully supportive of the other, even comfortable enough to go to see different bands at the concerts, so they don’t need to be glued together the whole time.

The other big arcs involve the males in the series, and I am happy to say I was wrong in my initial review of Volume 1, and the author doesn’t seem to be doing any romance storyline between Kanade and Ritsuru thankfully. Instead, Ritsuru seems to be having a story arc of trying to figure out what exactly he wants to do with his life and how much he is struggling with the idea of a typical adult existence. He is very relatable because he is clearly depressed and uses music as his method of escape.

At the same time, in volume 3, we are introduced to a new character; Mero Fukagawa. Mero is a classmate of the girls and has a crush on Kanade, partially because she has the same passion for rock music that he does. He’s in a band and although he’s not great, he wants to be one day, and invites Kanade and Otoha to watch him since his band is playing the same festival they’re going to. It’s all quite sweet and wholesome. The only issue is Kanade’s favorite band in the world is also performing, so she makes time to see them both. Daze of Youth, her favorite band, also gets their own little story in volume three where we find out how they came to be.

This whole series is very wholesome, there’s not really and romance or relationship drama. It’s all just friends going out and hanging out listening to music. It’s pretty escapist and chill but nothing plot heavy where I’m constantly thinking about what will happen in the next volume.

Title:  Days on Fes Vol. 2 + 3
Author:  Kanato Oka
Format: Paperback
Pages:  192
ISBN:   9781975319632 // 9781975319656

Three Descriptors: Sweet, Understated, Slow

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