Cat + Gamer (Vol 1)


Made for nerd girls

This is a very short and cute (if repetitive) manga about a woman and her cat.

Riko is 29 and works in an office. She is an introvert by nature, and despite being respected and admired at work, she refuses any option to socialize with her coworkers. Because of this, they have different opinions on what she gets up to in her personal life. They don’t know that the minute she gets home, she dedicates all her free time to playing video games alone. When a stray cat is offered to her, she impulsively agrees to adopt it, despite not knowing anything about cats. She uses her video game knowledge to teach herself how to care for an animal and love something other than gaming.

If you need something quick as a pick-me-up and are a fan of cats or gaming, you’ll enjoy this. It’s simple and to the point. Riko takes her skills from questing in various games to approach cat ownership, from using names in-game to pick a name for her cat to figuring out whether or not he’s sick and employing fast tactics to get him to a vet. If you’re a girl gamer who loves cats, this is a great read or a tremendous, silly gift for a friend who might enjoy it.

Title: Cat + Gamer (Vol 1)
Author: Wataru Nadatani
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781506727417

Three Descriptors: 

Read Alikes:

The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today by Hitsuji Yamada
Overlord by Kugane Maruyama
Btooom! By Jun’ya Inoue
I Am A Cat Barista by Hiro Maijima

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