Book Review: Archie Meets Batman ’66


The Swingin’ 60’s with Batman and Archiekins.

This is exactly what you imagine and it’s fun as hell.

Batman has defeated the villains of Gotham City to the point where the villains decide to infiltrate Riverdale instead! They sneak their way into town and use the powers of The Siren to brainwash all the men in town into going along with their plan. Veronica and Dillon get word to Batman after Hiram Lodge falls to the villains, and Barbara Gordon and Dick Greyson enroll in Riverdale High as High Schoolers to keep tabs on the situation.

At one point Jughead gets kidnapped by the Joker. It’s great.

My favorite part of this whole thing is the best ever villain, The Bookworm, and his accomplice, Footnote, making an appearance.

This is exactly what you’d expect. Wackiness, adventures and SO. MANY. PUNS. Like think about how many puns you’d expect and double it. It’s that many puns.

Lucky for me, I love a good pun. I love Archie. Batman is cool. A win all around.

Title: Archie Meets Batman 66′
Author: Jeff Parker
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
ISBN:  9781682558478

Three Descriptors: Cheerful, Humorous, Animated,

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