My Hero Academia (Vol 27)



Holy shit, this went from a villains vs. heroes arc to a solid war. It’s impossible to talk about this volume without spoiling tons of stuff, so I’ll speak in generalities. Mirko is a fucking badass of the highest degree. Hawks remains the biggest babe in this series because, wow, what a complicated and messed up character that I continually root for. This volume even makes you care deeply about one of the villains and almost root for them to overcome the good. The villains remain the most exciting part of MHA, and this series shines when we get these immense good vs. evil battles for the ages. Dabi remains the most incredible weirdo around, and I see why so many MHA fans are obsessed with him. So much inner turmoil and just straight-up nastiness, I love it. This arc rules, mainly because we get to see a lot more of some of my favorite characters like Eraserhead and Present Mic. MHA remains my favorite ever; I can’t lie.

Title: My Hero Academia (Vol 27)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9781974721016

Three Descriptors: Hopeful, Action-packed, Dramatic

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