Knight of the Ice (Vol. 7)



This is such a fun, cute series but holy crap there are now (by volume 7) so many characters that I struggle to keep them straight. I am eternally thankful for the little character summaries at the beginning of each volume, but even then I forget how these characters relate to one another half the time. I think because there are so many side characters and stories now, we’re missing out on Kokoro and Chitose as a couple since there are so many other plot points we need to focus on, which makes me a little sad.

I do love all the characters in this. The author does a good job of making everyone flawed but understandable, so you don’t outwardly hate any character, even if they’re portrayed as more villainous. The only character I don’t like is Sawada, mostly because he hasn’t been presented with any redeeming features and he clearly has questionable intentions by constantly hitting on his employee.

This volume felt more like a building volume compared to some in the past. Kokoro is changing up his outfits and routine, everyone is practicing for tournaments and performances, so there’s not a lot of big-time plot tension, just smaller character-building moments. I do love how his new program involves him being a knight when his entire arc so far is trying to make himself good enough to date Chitose who he views as a princess. It’s cheesy and cute and exactly what I was in the mood for today.

Title: Knight of the Ice (Vol. 7)
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 9781646510849

Three Descriptors: Adorable, Sweet, Honest

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