Fence (Vol. 4)


Finally! Competition!

Man, if you are a fan of slow burn romance, jump on board with this one because I think we might get to some real action in about 48 volumes at this rate. I joke because I love. I really enjoy all the relationships between the characters in Fence, notably because we have more than just one main central couple that we can be hopeful for. There’s a lot of characters with the tension and crushes that could build into a real thing, so as slow as it’s moving, I’m glad we’re taking the time to get there rather than jump headfirst into instalove.

This series’ real strong suit are the eclectic group of characters who feel very realistic while also being teenagers. You understand why they make some stupid ass decisions because they are stupid ass teens and behave as such. It adds to them feeling real because they (mostly) speak like teens and one bad situation in the life of a 17yr old does feel like the world is ending to them.

In this volume tryouts are finally over and we get to see the team work together for the first real time. Of course, there’s arguments and tension, but everyone on the team is dedicated to being the best they can be. Aiden ditches the team for a date, as expected, and Eugene steps in which rules because he’s the best. Harvard is a baller captain and Nicholas and Seiji start to put their rivalry aside in order to help one another improve. Their relationship is going to be the death of us all but I can’t wait to get there.

This volume was so fun! It felt like a new start to the series since now we know who the regulars will be and their role within the universe, so I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I want more already!

Title: Fence (Vol. 4)
Author: C.S. Pacat
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781684155385

Three Descriptors: Diverse, Engaging, Coming of Age

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